Hendersonville S&S

Circus World is thrilled to announce the addition of our newest attraction, the Bungee Trampoline!  We are very proud to have 6 attractions now available with wristband purchase!  Wristbands allow unlimited access to all attractions and now include 1 game of bowling and shoe rental!

More details on our attractions below...

Roller Skating Rink
Soft Play
Bumper Cars
Laser Tag

$5.95 per person  (without wristband)

Each game includes Briefing and

Two 6-minute sessions

Not Recommended for Children Under

5 Years of Age

LaserTag is unlimited with a wristband!

$4.95 per person

We have brand new bumper cars

from Spin Zone! 

Can you hit the target and spin the other

players out of control?

Bumper Cars are unlimited with a wristband!

The best place for your little one to play! 

Climate controlled, year-round playground. 

Clean, safe, and most of all...Fun!

Monday - Thursday

6 & Under only $3.95

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

6 & Under only $4.95


Redemption Arcade

Win tickets and turn them in for

fabulous prizes at our Redemption Center.

All of our games are well maintained

and use quarters.  We do not use a token system.

Arcade games are not included with  a wristband.


Weekdays $3.95 per person

Weekend $5.25 per person

Skate Rental $2.00

Skating is unlimited with a wristband!

S&S Family Entertainment --90 Volunteer dr. -- Hendersonville, TN -- 37075


$2.95 per person

(without wristband)

*riders do not experience motion sickness because of the changing direction of the spin which keeps the inner ear balanced.

GyroXtreme is unlimited with a wristband!

Time Freak

$2.95 per person

(without wristband)

An exciting race against Time!!

INSIDE THE TIME FREAK GAME ROOM, players are immersed in a vibrant UV themed room with 3-D props and facades. Heart-pumping music, sound effects, and voice prompts add to the excitement.

When the game is complete, players exiting the game room will see their scores displayed on the Scoring Monitor and receive a printed scorecard to compare with other players and see how they stack up against the daily, monthly and all time high scores.


$4.95 Monday - Thursday

$5.95 Friday - Sunday

Flip And Spin with our new bungee trampoline!

Wristbands allow you unlimited access

to the bungee!

All prices/specials are subject to change.

Recommended for children 3 and older.

Must be between 30-200lbs to ride.

Must be 48” tall and under 200 lbs. to ride.

Recommended for children 5 and older.

Must be at least 3 years old and minimum of 36” tall to ride, one rider per car.

Children 6 and under only please.

Circus World Attractions
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Bungee Trampline

All attractions have height/age restrictions, please select your purchases carefully.

Children 6 & under only in the soft play area.

All prices are subject to sales tax.

We do NOT refund tickets or Wristbands

Circus World Rates



Includes a game of bowling and shoes


Before 5PM


After 5PM


Includes a game of bowling and shoes



Includes a game of bowling and shoes

Early Bird Special
Friday OPEN - 5 PM
Saturday 10AM - noon

Circus World Wristbands

Includes unlimited access to


Laser Tag

Bumper Cars

Roller Skating


Time Freak

Bungee Trampoline



Includes a game of bowling and shoes



Includes a game of bowling and shoes

Wristbands Now Include ONe Game of bowling and shoe rental!


Before noon


After noon


Includes a game of bowling and shoes

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Attention Strike & Spare customers.

Circus World will be closed today,(5/18/14) due to a sprinkler malfunction. We are in the process of cleaning all water and inspecting electrical plugs throughout the area.

Bowling & the Grill will be open only

                                    Thank You